Thursday, September 20, 2012

paint the floor...

Kate Spade does it perfectly with these fabulous stripes
Our office floor is concrete, so three years ago we painted it white, it's a bit worse for wear these days and needs a major overhaul so I'm getting some inspiration from these fabulously gorgeous painted floors.

Gorgeous gloss via Decorpad

Chevron it up with citrus tones.

House Beautiful
Dwellers without Decorators

Classic checkerboard in a beautiful white kitchen brings a little bit of individuality.

Elle Decor
Black floors are always striking.

Via Painted Concrete and Dust
Painted floors in the bedroom bring a little whimsy and add a splash of colour.

Sunny Goode
Camille Styles
Dreamy blues in the hallway.

Traditional decorating doesn't have to be boring.

Casa Sugar

A Perfect Gray
You can even take the painted floor outdoors.

I'll let you know how I go with the office floor and I'll post a before and after shot - could be a while before I get around to it because we are super busy but at least these images will get me thinking of possibilities!

Have a colour filled day!

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