Friday, March 23, 2012

New Website Launched!

Our new homepage
Well it's taken us a few months - probably one of the reasons why I haven't blogged much lately, but here it is...our brand new website.

As with any website there is still a bit of tinkering to do here and there but we are so thrilled to have it live.

I must give a huge thank you to my beautiful friends Sharnel from Sharnel Dollar Designs for the images and Judy Elliott from Verandah House for the styling - truly gorgeous girls.

We love it and hope you do too!

Some of our new designs currently in production....Diamond Turquoise, Diamond Pink/Orange and Aria.

Diamond Turquoise Cushions available April 2012

Diamond Pink and Orange available April 2012

Cockatoo Green, Hamilton Green (available now) and Aria Cushions (available April 2012)

Have a colour filled day!