Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Design Seeds

All images via Design Seeds

Have you discovered Design Seeds?

The wildly talented and creative Jessica from Design Seeds shares her love of colour and tracks and forecasts emerging colours and palette combinations through a modern interpretation of her original childhood colour journals.  Clever beyond words!

You can search by colour value and by theme and it's super fun to play around on the interactive buttons.      Jessica clearly demonstrates that inspiration can come from anywhere - food, locations, flora, fauna, seasons and ornaments, you name it she's used it. 

Head over there for every type of colour inspiration from muted ice cream tones through to watercolours, frosted summer and vibrant neons.  I promise you are going to love it.

I'm off to lose myself again for a few hours at Design Seeds.  Pop on over there yourself and let me know what you think.

Have a colour filled day.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I will always love...books

image via Bookshelf Porn
Since I was a little girl I have loved books, they are one of my greatest loves and passions.  I couldn't imagine a life without books, I have them in just about every room.  So it was interesting when I received a Kindle for Christmas from my Mum. I was thrilled, I hardly ever get surprises but this was a huge one.  I really wondered how I would cope without the smell and feel of a book in my hand but I must say I am loving it and the whole Kindle experience has been great so far, it's convenient, compact, cheap and it's pretty fun to use.

Kindle via Amazon
Even with my new found Kindle love affair, nothing will ever replace a real book or real bookshelves for me. There is something about the turning of pages, the smell of the paper and print and the joy of holding the magic of the written word in my hands.

Just look at some of these fabulous bookshelves from around the world featured on Bookshelf Porn (don't you love the name?)

I want a room with a ladder.  Via Bookshelf Porn
A  bookshelf with a view?  Yes please!  via Bookshelf Porn
Love this eclectic bookshelf.  Kate Spade Wedding Ideas via Bookshelf Porn

Proof that a beautiful bookshelf doesn't need to be big!

Sweet little bookshelf via Bookshelf Porn
A few years ago I purchased this wonderful book titled 'Books Do Furnish A Room' it's a visual feast of beautiful bookshelves.

Books Do Furnish A Room via Book Depository
And finally even if you don't have loads of space or live in a rental property and can't add shelves these Ideal Bookshelves by Jane Mount of Ideal Bookshelf are the perfect solution.  Jane will customise your favourite bookshelves and paint them just for you!  Aren't they fabulous?

Ideal Bookshelves the perfect space solution
So in my world you can't be without real books even if you do love the Kindle.  How about you - do you love your Kindle?  Are you still a 'real' book lover too?  How do you display your books?

Until next time, have a colour filled day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Retailer Spotlight - Rylo Interiors Brisbane

Miss Macy 2 Seater Lounge - image via Rylo
Look what popped up at Rylo Interiors yesterday, it's our brand new Pink Cockatoo cushions!  Looking rather smashing on the totally gorgeous Miss Macy 2 seater lounge - how pretty is she?  Miss Macy is custom made in any fabric choice from Rylo's stunning fabric collections and is made locally in Brisbane.  

image via Rylo Interiors

We humble Brisbane people are a rather stylish lot these days and Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors is no exception.  After working in the industry for some of Brisbane's finest designers, Lauren has now created a delightful design space of her own at 985 Stanley Street, East Brisbane.  

The gorgeous and talented Lauren Pearse of Rylo Interiors image via Rylo

image via Rylo Interiors
Lauren possesses experience in both residential and commercial applications and works with a wide range of clients offering assistance from full scale remodels to creating spaces combining beautiful aesthetics with function and form tailored to your style and taste.  

An added bonus of Rylo is its proximity to one of Brisbane's yummiest cafes Egg Bistro.  So grab yourself a delicious coffee and meander into Rylo for some stunning homewares, gifts and design and say 'Hi' to Lauren for me!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, New Look, New Plans

Katie Daisy

Well hello everyone and welcome to 2012 and our new look blog.  It's been a while in the making but I think you will like it here.

We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.  We certainly did and are all pumped up for a brilliant year ahead.

So many exciting things in the pipeline for us one of which is a major overhaul of our warehouse, office and showroom space.  I will blog the process so you can see what's happening in our world.  We are planning a new office space for little old me, a new photo studio, kitchen, client area and showroom - whew.  The plans are currently in design stage and the process will begin next week, it will probably take us a few months as we will be preparing to exhibit again at Life in Style in about 5 weeks.  It's all systems go here in Brown Town.

amazing offices of Macquarie Group London not sure ours will be this flash!
I'm currently looking at inspiring work spaces like these pretties.

Simple, pretty and sparkly office of Emily Schuman via Apartment Therapy

Colour burst via Moth Design
love this table (source unknown via Pinterest)

gorgeous art wall and workspace (sorry source unknown)

Office space of Rachel Zoe via Peep My Styles

Exciting times ahead. What's in store for you this year?