Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ship Song Project

As a little girl I was always in awe of the Sydney Opera House and hoped that one day I would get to see it in real life.  When I was in 11 my Mum gave me a Christmas Card with my gift that said 'Sydney here we come!'  We stayed in an apartment for 2 weeks and every day I woke up the Opera House was glistening in the sunshine.  I felt like I was in heaven and for me it might as well have been New York or London.

I've flown over many cities over the years but there really is nothing quite like flying over Sydney and the Opera House and her majestic sails.  Every time I visit Sydney now I have a special spot that I visit right down on the harbour, it's almost like you are sitting on the water with the Harbour Bridge above to the left and the iconic Opera House to the right.  It's my little history.

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Nick Cave's 'The Ship Song' has long been a powerful moving song that I have loved for many years.  This morning I discovered 'The Ship Song Project' - 100 artists, 1 million tiles, 1 year in the making and it's a love song to The Opera House using Nick Cave's legendary music.  You will be moved beyond words.

Performed by Neil Finn, Kev Carmody and The Australian Ballet, Sarah Blasko, John Bell, Angus and Julia Stone, Paul Kelly and Bangarra Dance Theatre, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Opera Australia, Martha Wainwright, Katie Noonan and The Sydney Symphony, The Temper Trap, Daniel Johns and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

I cannot get enough of this powerful moving ballad.

Make a little history...



  1. Love reading your blog - your have a nice style to your writing! Erin x

  2. Thank you so much Erin for your lovely words xx

  3. I lived in Sydney for a couple of years from Melbourne and love going back there at least once a year...like you I have a special spot in my heart for Sydney.


  4. Keren, I absolutely loved this! I showed Andre (whose south african as you know) and he said it even made him feel patriotic! What a beautiful song and a moving clip. You have officially made my Saturday :)

    Ang x

  5. A lovely post, and a beautiful song. I feel exactly the same way about our beautiful Sydney. x