Tuesday, September 4, 2012

with a twist

Image bhg.com
Let's take a look at barley twist!

Barley Twist furniture is a beautiful traditional design dating back centuries.  Fortunately for us it's a versatile design that transcends perfectly to many interior styles.

Image My Life - My Loves
This gorgeous little stool belongs to my dear friend Sharnel Dollar of Sharnel Dollar Designs.  It sits in her powder room and every time I go in there it makes me smile, it's a sweet little piece she found on ebay and had restored and recovered.

Antique coffee table image Mr Beasleys
Beautiful character filled Antique dining table image Ruby Lane
A modern take on traditional style Image Wisteria
This traditional side board is stunning image Leonards Direct Furniture
Love these two images below which take Barley Twist to a whole new level of fun and design!

Crazy fun Neon Barley Twist side table from Against The Grain
Contemporary Barley Twist by Paul Loebach

So when next your out hunting for character filled furniture, definitely give Barley Twist a thought, it's beautiful, functional and versatile.

Have a colour filled day!


  1. Love that neon side table. Fabulous post on a gorgeous timeless design x

  2. Oh I love Barley Twist. Black and Spiro have an amazing mirror in their shop at the moment you would LOVE!