Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A simple 'thank you' to Emma

Most days I go through the motions of life in general without sparing a thought for how our work might impact upon someone else.  One of my dearest friends since childhood is a heart lung transplant specialist, so to me, he is a hero, he changes and saves lives on a daily basis, breathing new life into people who almost have none.  I simply design and sell textiles, never thinking that perhaps it might bring joy to someone who is suffering.

However I was tilted off my busy bee insane Christmas work axis yesterday by a simple 'thank you' email from a customer, Emma, who indicated to me she is ill and spends a considerable amount of time in one room and therefore wants that room to be filled with beauty and uplifting things.  She thanked me for helping her find what she needed to create her masterpiece, I was a little overcome with emotion to say the least.

She purchased some of our Leaf Rose Orange tablecloths through one of our fabulous retailers Nest Emporium a few months ago and what she did with them is beyond amazing! 

Wardrobe Doors closeup - look at the precision of those upholstery nails!
Wardrobe drawers - loving the little silver melon knobs!

Incredible...all done by hand

We are sending Emma a little Christmas surprise!  Thank you for making us feel that somehow in some small way what we do might make a little difference and bring joy to the soul, even just a smidge.



  1. Oh Wow! The cupboard looks amazing!!!! A very creative idea indeed! How lovely that we could help out too.


    The Girls at Nest Emporium

  2. That looks amazing - what a wonderful idea! And how lovely of you to send her a special gift too.
    Love it! K xx

  3. Oh, and meant to add that I finally added your blog to my side bar - sorry it's taken so long :) x

  4. This is a beautiful post. What Emma has created is simply stunning! How lovely to have both been rewarded with appreciation in each other.

  5. another brisbane blogger is great to come across...lovely blog! Dayle

  6. The cupboard looks so groovy and gorgeous! What a great way to bring some colour into a room, that is the most stunning print!! Beautiful blog Keren xx

  7. Such an inspiring idea! I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog today, and just featured your store on my blog. Love your work! Naomi x