Thursday, December 9, 2010

Limelight - 'Gewurzhaus'

Gewurzhaus (meaning spice house in German) is an Aladdin's Cave of herbs and spices located in the style and food mecca of Lygon Street, Carlton.   Sisters Eva and Maria Konecsny are so much more than sugar, spice and all things nice.  This duo have some serious business brains and a unique concept store that will go far.  The first Gewurzhaus opened a mere 6 months ago and the next store opening is underway for early 2011 at another Melbourne location.

The gorgeous Maria (left) and Eva (right) sporting our Jessie Steele Aprons (image via Gewurzhaus)
I want one of those shop counters and their shoes!
Stocking a comprehensive A-Z of herbs, spices, salts and sugars, Gewurzhaus also stocks over 100 unique blends which are ground on site from fresh whole ingredients.  With over 300 different products in the shop there is seriously something for every taste.
French Lavender Salt - are you serious - how good does that sound?
Chocolate Ginger Sugar - oh my my!!
I did a little online shopping yesterday in their new online store and well...I just had to go back for a second round shop this morning purchasing everything from Salt & Pepper Squid blend to Vanilla Bean Sugar and Chocolate Spice.  For those of us who are a little unsure of how to use all these delicious delicacies, Eva & Maria have made it simple by posting downloadable recipes on the website.  Fabulous idea!

It gets better, when visiting the store you can select from the beautiful prepackaged items or 'self-scoop' which according to the girls is a great way to sample a new spice, you get to lift the lid, breathe in the aroma and see the product before scooping your desired quantity into a specially crafted and labelled spice bag. 

Think lolly shop for big kids!

Bags of fresh spices.
Gewurzhaus Shop Front - Lygon Street, Carlton. 

I think there could be room for a bed in there!  (images via Gewurzhaus)

A little tip - expect to see these fabulous sisters and their little spice shop popping up all over the place. 

A little suggestion for Eva & Maria - set up shop here in Brisbane and you will have the Queensland culinary world knocking the door down!



  1. thanks for letting me know about this - the salt and pepper squid blend sounds yummy! KG

  2. I know how good does it sound? I can't wait to receive mine and try it!

    Everything looks amazingly delicious!

  3. Are there any shops like this in Sydney? I discovered this store when i was in Melbourne, but we didn't buy anything (since there are regulations with luggage weight when traveling by plane).

    btw; I think that the shop smells amazingly tasty!

  4. Hi Cynthia Thanks for your comment, there isn't a shop like this in Sydney, you can however purchase their products at their online store :o))

    It's a fabulous fabulous store!


  5. Thanks, I geuss I could try to convince my parents (I'm 13) to do that- but they can be a little old-fashioned at times. They don't trust the internet for things like this, they're pariniod that someone will get access to their details and use all of their money :L

    My dad really liked the store so, I guess that might tempt him to be different :P

  6. Oh that's a shame - yes try and convince them, shopping online is such a great thing :o))

    Hope you can purchase some of their goodies!