Monday, January 16, 2012

I will always love...books

image via Bookshelf Porn
Since I was a little girl I have loved books, they are one of my greatest loves and passions.  I couldn't imagine a life without books, I have them in just about every room.  So it was interesting when I received a Kindle for Christmas from my Mum. I was thrilled, I hardly ever get surprises but this was a huge one.  I really wondered how I would cope without the smell and feel of a book in my hand but I must say I am loving it and the whole Kindle experience has been great so far, it's convenient, compact, cheap and it's pretty fun to use.

Kindle via Amazon
Even with my new found Kindle love affair, nothing will ever replace a real book or real bookshelves for me. There is something about the turning of pages, the smell of the paper and print and the joy of holding the magic of the written word in my hands.

Just look at some of these fabulous bookshelves from around the world featured on Bookshelf Porn (don't you love the name?)

I want a room with a ladder.  Via Bookshelf Porn
A  bookshelf with a view?  Yes please!  via Bookshelf Porn
Love this eclectic bookshelf.  Kate Spade Wedding Ideas via Bookshelf Porn

Proof that a beautiful bookshelf doesn't need to be big!

Sweet little bookshelf via Bookshelf Porn
A few years ago I purchased this wonderful book titled 'Books Do Furnish A Room' it's a visual feast of beautiful bookshelves.

Books Do Furnish A Room via Book Depository
And finally even if you don't have loads of space or live in a rental property and can't add shelves these Ideal Bookshelves by Jane Mount of Ideal Bookshelf are the perfect solution.  Jane will customise your favourite bookshelves and paint them just for you!  Aren't they fabulous?

Ideal Bookshelves the perfect space solution
So in my world you can't be without real books even if you do love the Kindle.  How about you - do you love your Kindle?  Are you still a 'real' book lover too?  How do you display your books?

Until next time, have a colour filled day.

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