Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Est Magazine

Est Magazine 1st Edition April 2011
Back in April a refreshing new online design magazine hit the inboxes of Australia and no doubt around the globe.  Apart from the crisp, fresh cover featuring a stunning shady old tree, lush green grass and pops of red, it was their masthead that made me inhale and exhale with a sense of belonging 'Global Living With An Australian Twist' ' Welcome home to the heart of Australian style'.  Instantly I felt like this magazine was calling my name.

Editor Sian Macpherson and her team have created a magazine worthy of global recognition featuring 'the best that global design has to offer with an Australian twist'.  I loved every single page but highlights for me were the atelier of Danish artist Lisa Marie Frost, her darling studio (pictured below) is on my 'must have' list for my future home.

Studio perfection of Lisa Marie Frost image via Est magazine

Lisa Marie Frost in her studio.  Image via Est magazine

The 'Style Nomad' article was another winner encouraging us to 'surround yourself with things that only make you feel good - not weigh you down' and a personal favourite quote from Sian 'collecting memories not just designer furniture'.  I found myself dreaming and longing over the photography by Colin Doswell and styling by Deb McLean.  This is a magazine to lose yourself in.

How fabulous are these giant scissors! Oh and I really want to eat those apples. Image via Est
What a cosy little nook.  Image via Est
A nomadic gypsy caravan - how fun! Image via Est
All I can say is, I cannot wait for the next refreshing edition of Est Magazine.  It's a winner from start to finish.



  1. Thanks Keren for you kind words!

    We are loving that you love Est - and we are loving that the India Green tablecloth from Bungalow has us dreaming of long summer lunches - at the beggining of winter!!

    Look forward to the new releases at The Brown Trading Co coming soon!!


  2. Totally agree, such a breath of fresh air!

  3. Keren, thanks for making me aware of EST! Have a great wknd! xo

  4. Sian, absolute pleasure, your magazine is one of my favourites - love it! Will keep you updated on the new collection being released at Life in Style in August in Melbourne.

    Thank you Sharnel and Anne :o)))


  5. Keren how wonderful to find you! I love seeing Frost in her studio! EST looks to be fabulous!

    Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

    Art by Karena