Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The King's Road SW3


The King's Road, has launched many a brilliant career including those of 60's fashion icon Mary Quant and the original punk queen Vivienne Westwood.

Mary Quant 1963
Vivienne Westwood 1977

Granny Takes a Trip store circa 1960

Located in upmarket Chelsea, The King's Road  covers just over 3kms from Sloane Square to Waterford Road and has long been recognised as London's mecca for the bohemian and style trailblazers.

Back in the 90's I lived just off The King's Road, in a fabulously stylish flat owned by Minnie Driver's mother Gaynor Churchward (uber style queen) who lived in the flat upstairs.  Gaynor was an interior designer and her store Sussex House was on the ground floor and was a treasure trove of fabrics, cushions, curtains and trimmings.
Minnie Driver (image via
I not only lived in the area but I worked here for a while too and spent most of my lunch hours wandering through all the beautiful stores I'd never seen in Australia.  Shopping here on a Saturday was an unbelievable experience and we frequented My Old Dutch, Henry J Beans, Chutney Mary and The Chelsea Bun, not exactly Michelin star establishments but they all fell within the backpacking budget constraints and kept us fed and watered for well over a year.

It's where I first discovered the mind blowingly gorgeous world of Designers Guild, the visionary Habitat 'shopping as entertainment' concept brought to life by Terence Conran in 1964 and I was even present at the opening of Heal's Chelsea store.

design revolutionary Sir Terence Conran (image via mydeco)

Designer's Guild colour heaven

part of Designers Guild shopfront

Other fabulous stores along the famous stretch are AnthropologieThe White Company, Cath Kidston and newcomer to the area Oka who recently launched their flagship store.

Anthropologie (image via Grey Lemon)

Want to take a your own little swan down one of my favourite streets? Head here The Kings Road for a virtual 'street sensation' of one of the most wonderful high street shopping experiences in the world.

There is so much brilliance to discover at The King's Road and it will always hold a special place in my heart. If you have never been, it's a must!  If you have been, share your stories...



  1. How can this be! I want to go to Kings Road SOOO bad now.

    Alas, I dont even have a passport. Better work on that.

    Great post.

  2. I love the Kings Road! I lived in London in the nineties too, but in a much less swanky postcode. It's a wonderful place to visit though - then and now.

  3. Digella, you would love it!!!

    Allison - it is a wonderful place isn't it. I love London :o) Did you live there for long?

  4. What a great spot you lived in. Did you meet Minnie? My husband and I had our first evening out just over 15 yrs ago in Portobello Rd, Notting Hill. We both lived in London for some time. Great memories you've brought flooding back. :) x

  5. Hi Raine and Sage thank you so much for stopping by my new little blog, really appreciate it.

    Oh that's about when I was in London, maybe we ran into each other? haha Love Portobello Road, how fabulous is that little strip too (mental note for another post). Yes Minnie used to come home for the holidays. They were quite a glitzy family with all sorts coming and going - Hugo Boss model (some very divine specimen of a man and I don't know his name), Joanna Lumley was friends with Minnie's Mum so she was there a bit. We felt a bit star struck.

  6. Hi Keren, I was there a lot in my seven years in London - we lived in Putney and Kew so it wasn't quite my local scene but that didn't stop me! Unfortunately that was pre-Anthropologie - I 'made do' with Habitat, Heals and Designers Guild! Thanks for visiting my blog - have just signed up as your latest follower A x

  7. Dear Keren. Just found your blog and love your comments on The Kings Road! I live just over the bridge in Battersea Park and know exactly what you mean when you say FABULOUS! As an aussie living in London, the thrill will never wear off. Love your blog. x

  8. Hi Ann - Putney and Kew are gorgeous places. Yes I was there pre-Anthropologie too! Thanks for becoming a follower :o)

    Lucy Thank you so much for your message. I used to pop over the river to Battersea on the Wandsworth Bridge to a little restaurant called Cote a Cote. I just googled and I think it's still there!!!


  9. Keren - what a fabulous post! I lived on the Kings Road for my first two weeks in London - what an introduction it was for a little old girl from Adelaide! I stayed on top of the Chelsea Potter and dreamed of being able to one day buy something spesh on the fabulous strip. I would choke on my 'Fosters Top' when the gorgeous 'Sloanies' walked in to the pub - how styley they were! Henry J Beans was a staple of our Summers - even when I moved to Fulham. Loved their condiment selection! It's truly one of the most iconic and special parts of London x

  10. Hi Kate

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! So glad my little post brought back some fabulous memories for you - it's such a great part of London isn't it?!?

    Ahhh the Chelsea Potter hehehe