Thursday, October 28, 2010

The coast and the catch

featuring Shacks of every kind - shelter, business, ruins, beach, lakeside...
I couldn't help but borrow that title line from a gorgeous little book I discovered yesterday Shack in praise of an Australian icon by Simon Griffiths (Penguin Lantern $39.99).  According to Simon, shacks make people happy.  It's all about enjoying the coast and the catch.  The shack's a place you can hose out at the end of summer, lock, leave and not worry about. Sounds perfect!  

Simon's publication pedigree is rather envious, he is a leading photographer of food, interiors and gardens.  His work appears regularly in lifestyle magazines and in the books of Australian cooking royalty Stephanie Alexander and Kylie Kwong.

my favourite - a converted boatshed outside Melbourne

set in coastal scrub - Mornington Peninsula
a converted cowshed - how positively perfect!

This book is a gem featuring quirky, rustic, shabby and renovated 'shacks' from faraway places to inner city dwellings connecting us to our 'common desire for retreat and renewal'. 

The Great Lakes Tasmania is a haven for shacks
Stunning photography transports you to various reaches of Australia from country to coast, however there are many beautifully constructed sentences that make you close your eyes and dream of a simpler life.

A lazy afternoon spent with a cup of tea and this book is hard to beat.  My advice - put it on your Christmas list!

Keren xx


  1. Hi Keren! Looks like a cool book. I am fascinated with Australia. I am glad that you're enjoying the chair print. xx

  2. Hi Anne
    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog! I adore the chair print and so many people comment on it - thank you! :o)

  3. Looks like a great book. I love Aussie beach shacks. Welcome to blogworld.

  4. Hi The Moerks. Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely welcome. It's a great book, I'm really enjoying it. Off to check out your blog.

    Keren :o)